Makeup FAQs

Which works better airbrush or regular makeup?
Over the years I've been doing makeup I've noticed people prefer to use airbrush. It's very lightweight and lasts all day! Some clients do prefer a particular brand they regularly use. If that is the case, you are more then welcome to bring your own foundation. If not either airbrush or a regular liquid foundation will be used.

How important is a trial run?
HIGHLY recommended but not always needed. I'm completely confident in knowing I can make you happy with your look, but for brides, it will put you at ease knowing what your makeup and hair will look like the day of. (one less thing to stress about)

How long will makeup application take?
Normally I spend about 30 min with each person. But for Brides, I do tend to take a little extra time, about 45 min.

Are eyelashes necessary?
Applying eyelashes make a huge difference! If your worried that they may be to dramatic I also apply individual lashes for a more natural look that will still stand out. They only last for the day and I use waterproof glue that is easily removable with regular makeup remover. 

Will you be able to match my skin tone?
I feel completely confident in being able to match any skin tone. I have experience of 15 years of doing makeup under my belt and have worked with every skin tone.

Are there any tips you have for brides?
Yes most definitely!

  1. Although getting married in Vegas is exciting, I feel it's very important to get proper rest and enough hydration. Without these two essential things, your skin can look dehydrated and tired. Which no bride wants! Vegas is a very dry climate, so make sure to be drinking plenty of water. The night before the wedding try your best to get well rested. You want to feel your best for the happiest day of your life.
  2. Unless your skin is used to getting facials, I would recommend not trying anything new within the few weeks of your wedding. I've seen many women who tried different products or procedures they haven't tried before and their skin paid the consequence. So make sure you are sticking to a normal routine for skin. If you have any other specific questions, please feel free to email me and we can go over them.
  3. As of now we have no lipsticks for sale. So I highly suggest purchasing a color that you love to reapply throughout the day. If you have questions about colors, once again please fell free to email.
  4. You're more then welcome to send in pictures of inspiration for makeup as well as hair.


Hair FAQs

Should I cut or color my hair prior to my event?
I always suggest regular maintenance prior, and suggest staying within your natural look unless targeting a specific style. I do not recommend any drastic measures.

Should I wash my hair the day of?
Day old hair in its natural state is best to work with. However you know your hair best, it's at your discretion.

Should my hair be dry beforehand?
Yes, hair should be completely dry in its natural form. Additional costs will be added if hair needs to be blow dried.

Do you work with hair extension?
Yes, I regularly work with and without.

Do you put in hair extensions?
Absolutely, I can put in up to 4 different methods according to your hair type. A free consultation prior it required.

Do you supply hair extensions?
Not on hand, however I am able to color match any hair color following a consultation.

Am I able to use my own hair product?
Of course, if due to allergies or preference. I assure you I use top of the line professional hair care products.

How long does hair and makeup take?
Depending how large your party is. We work effectively, efficiently and simultaneously.

Am I able to email and bring pics?
I HIGHLY recommend it. Makes it easier on the stylist and makeup artist if you have a vision in mind.

Do you accommodate large parties?
We are able to accommodate any party size while you still being on time to your event. Please always specify beforehand the amount in your party.

Is a trial run necessary?
- It's HiGHLY recommended. Especially if your are nervous about your event. This allows reassurance and a stress free event.


Brazilian Keratin Hair FAQs

How long does it last?
Every client lasts differently depending on how often you shampoo your hair. The less per week you shampoo the longer it last. Anywhere from 3-5 months.

Can I use any products?
Absolutely. The only requirement is to use a formaldehyde free shampoo,  which you can buy anywhere.

Is there any damage?
No. It's adding keratin back into the hair that has been taken out by simple everyday things such as curling and blow drying your hair.

Is it reversible if I don't like it?
No it is not, however the more you wash the faster the product comes out of the cuticle. I have never seen anyone who has not loved the results

Afterward can I style my hair in any way?
In any way. blow drying, curling, flat ironing etc.

Will my hair be stick straight?
Everyone's hair texture takes very differently to it. I've seen from stick straight to reduced frizzed or more manageable. Always depending on the condition and texture to your hair prior.

Will I lose volume?
I customize it per clients needs. If someone would like to lose volume or keep volume, all are possibilities.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact us in English or Spanish.



IF UNFORTUNATE CIRCUMSTANCES OCCUR WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE ORIGINAL HAIR AND MAKEUP STYLIST IN THE FIRST SERVICE PROVIDED SUCH AS TRIAL RUN, ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS ETC.. WE MAY SUBSTITUTE AN ALTERNATIVE QUALIFIED HAIR AND MAKEUP STYLIST TO REPLACE US. If you cancel your booking, your deposit is non-refundable. If for any reason we have to cancel your appointment every effort will be made to provide a replacement make up or hair stylist of equivalent talent and cost, If a replacement artist accepts the job, your deposit will be transferred onto that artist. If a replacement makeup artist cannot be provided your deposit will be refunded in full.


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